Strategic RPG Master of Eternity from Nexon Available Worldwide Now

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Strategic RPG Master of Eternity (M.O.E.) from NEXON is available worldwide on iOS and Android now.

Master of Eternity explores a vast universe plagued by a galactic war fought between bands of eccentric Pixies, commanding unique and powerful mechas to engage rivals, foes and even friends. The game’s features include:

Addictive Turn-based Combat: M.O.E.’s strategic elements, unique Pixies and mechas, and an innovative battle system combine for addictive gameplay that keeps players coming back for more.


Engaging Narrative: The game’s immersive story and distinctive Pixie personalities offer several epic storylines that converge for hours of addictive content.

Character Customization: Players can make Pixies stand out by collecting various costumes. Players can also fully customize Pixies’ Crew Room.

Strategic Gameplay: Develop distinctive tactics by mixing Pixies, mechas, and equipment to formulate winning strategy to defeat formidable adversaries.


Classic Game Modes: Players can explore multiple game modes, including scenario-based missions, temple exploration, Alliance simulations and intense PvP battles with players from around the world.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the launch of Master of Eternity, several exclusive events and opportunities are available for players to receive valuable rewards and prizes, such as 100,000~300,000 Credit, Asgard Enhancement Tickets 5 for pre-ordering the game.

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