Pre-Registration for Mobile Game Dino War Begins

By hearst Date: Mar 13 2018 Views:

Pre-registration has begun for the newest mobile game - Dino War. Any player who signs up right now will be awarded in-game currencies and materials when the game is launched.


Dino War is a strategic survival game that takes place after the return of the dinosaur. Though humans initially saw the dinosaurs as attractions, things quickly took a turn when infected beasts were unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. Players must build up their Ammo, Energy, and Material resources to increase their strength, allowing them to capture beasts and build a team capable of defending their base. 


Dino War features groundbreaking 3D animation and a wide variety of vividly rendered creatures for players to tame and train. Additionally, players can ally with other humans to achieve greater victories and take back their homeland piece by piece. Dino War will also feature a PvP mode, in which players must accumulate as many resources as possible, attacking beasts in the wild to build the strongest teams and defeat other players' bases in battle.

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