Crafting Survival Battle Royale Mobile Game FortCraft Kicks off Beta

By hearst Date: Mar 13 2018 Views:

The new free to play crafting survival battle royale mobile game FortCraft from NetEase has kicked off its beta test. Players can get their hands on the game on iOS and Android.


FortCraft allows players to craft and build structures in the game world to help them survive. In order to build structures, players must scavenge for resources and destroy items in the world to gain materials in which they can build whatever their imagination can think of from houses to forts in order to defend from enemy fire.


FortCraft will come complete with a wide array of weaponry for players to utilize from assault rifles to RPGs. One major weapon of note is the flamethrower which provides a fiery solution to close range encounters. Players can use traps to take on others too using weapons such as the dance pad to place foes in danger.

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