Twin-stick Shooter Trident’s Wake Coming Soon

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Twin-stick shooter Trident’s Wake will soon be available on Steam.

Featuring over 20 hours of campaign, multiple character classes, an arsenal of deadly weapons and online co-op for endless replayability, Trident's Wake is a fresh new addition to the twin-stick shooter genre.

Humanity has left Earth with its last consignment of embryos aboard the colony ship, The Trident. Adrift in deep space, The Trident has been overrun by the alien scourge and only you can stop them. Players must progress through multiple sectors aboard the ship including the open-ended Industrial Zone, Storage Bay, Hangars and the ship's Medical Facility, among others. Each level is populated by nine distinct enemy types - ranging from close-quarter shotgun-wielding Humanoids to Kamikaze units that rush the player and explode after a short delay.


Trident’s Wake features a two-tier currency system in addition to traditional XP for its progression system. The first currency, Matheria, allows players to unlock and customise up to 11 unique weapons. These include standard bullet-based weapons such as Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Miniguns to Plasma Rifles, capable of powerful kinetic damage and laser-powered Beamers that pierce through enemy armour with pinpoint accuracy. Matheria can also be used to unlock and upgrade different Sentinel abilities. Rarer tier-two currency known as Weapon Parts is used to upgrade weapons through multiple tiers for increased damage, reload capacity, accuracy and magazine size.


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