Mobile Sci-fi Strategy RPG Void Tyrant Will be Released This Year

By hearst Date: Mar 10 2018 Views:

Void Tyrant is a mix of science-fiction and fantasy. Players control heroes of various classes and abilities as they explore planets on their way in search of legendary gems to restore peace to the galaxy. Combat is reminiscent of Blackjack. The player and their enemy take turns drawing cards (or opting to stand at their current value) valued between one and six, with the goal being the one to reach as close to a total of 12 as possible without going over. Only the one who wins the round by doing so deals damage. 

Different cards can be earned or gained from allies that allow players to use spells, heal, manipulate their or their enemy's hands, or apply status effects, allowing for even greater strategy. Players can also upgrade their town and undertake missions, though if their current character dies, they must roll a new one.


Void Tyrant is planned to be released for Android and iOS in 2018 for free.

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