Closers' Upcoming Community Event Tina Versus Harpy Starts on March 6th

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En Masse has announced that their upcoming community event - Tina Versus Harpy - will run from March 6th through March 14th.

Players who participate in this event will have a direct impact on the next character that joins the Closers team. By crafting a special in-game Tina or Harpy token item, players will cast their vote for which unreleased Closers character they want to come out next: the marksman-specialist Tina or the kinetic explosive cards of Harpy.


Players can use Wolf Dog Cookies to craft either a Tina or a Harpy support box that is worth one vote. You can earn the materials to craft Tina or Harpy support boxes in the following ways: stage clears, PvP wins, and Daily Login Rewards. In addition to vote tokens, players can also craft either an 8-Bit Tina or Harpy mask to show their support for their favorite character. 


Voting closes on Wednesday, March 14th, at midnight UTC. The results of the community event will be revealed on March 15th and and the chosen character will be available in-game on April 3rd. 

Meanwhile, with the arrival of the update on March 6th, players will have chance to get Cat Club costumes for female Closers and Spring Cleaning costumes for male Closers. Details can be found on the official page.

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