League of Angels - Paradise Land Update Brings New Modes and Heroes

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The fantasy turn-based mobile RPG League of Angels - Paradise Land released its first major update of the year. The long-awaited update is quite hefty, and includes a new GvG ‘Dominion’ mode, a Bind system, new heroes, and abundant refreshing details.

As one of the highlights in this update, the new cross-server Guild vs Guild Dominion mode creates a battlefield for players to fight over territory and strongholds. To enter the mode, players must reach Level 60. Each season of Dominion goes from Tuesday to Sunday. Once a season ends, members of participating guilds will receive fantastic rewards. A new Legendary White Fang Companion can also be obtained from the Dominion season rank rewards and the Dominion Shop.


New top-grade hero Shadow Reaper

New top-grade hero, Shadow Reaper, the icy beauty with silver hair, is a valued support heroine. She inflicts damage on all enemies and can curse her targets. Her special skill will brandish the Scythe of Darkness and launch a high-speed surprise attack to inflict damage on a single enemy and reduce any Healing effects on them. New A-grade hero, Lord Lionheart, is a vertical DPS who can inflict damage on enemies in a vertical line. His ultimate skill uses the will of Sapphire and can summon the fated Spear of Judgment to inflict damage on all enemies and increase the attack of all his allies.


Bind system in League of Angels - Paradise Land

Playing games is not only for fun, but also great for forging relationships and finding friends. Using the new Bind system between heroes, players deploy specific heroes together or set them as buddies to activate powerful EX-Rage Skills. The Blessing system has been incorporated into the Bind system. Each hero has 4 Hero Binds and 4 "Other" Binds. In addition, every hero has gained a new powerful EX-Rage Skill. 

To enhance the players’ gaming experience, some Heroes, Skills and rules have been adjusted in this update. Matching rules in the Arena have also been optimized to provide more balanced and fair battles and players now get 10 free attempts to try it out. League of Angels - Paradise Land also features a completely redesigned new player tutorial. The gate to the new world has been opened.

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