MU Origin Gets New Summoner Class Today

By hearst Date: Feb 27 2018 Views:

The latest update to MU Origin introduces a new class Summoner along with powerful magic, splendid skill, massive attack and magnificent wings.

The Summoner also can summon a powerful supporter Valkyrie during the battle and deals magical damage. Players will be able to create the Summoner if they have at least one character above 3 Rebirth Lv.1 or use the item 'Scroll of Dark Souls'. Sub-character system has also been added to the game. 


With this new update, a new guild event called Land of Struggle is now available. Land of Struggle is unlocked at Guild Lv. 6 where players can battle against a boss monster with their guild mates. Only the guild master can apply for the preliminary battle, and the 16 guilds with the fastest boss-kill times will qualify for the next day's tournament.

In addition to these new features, players can also check out a new Forge system, West Akeron map, new Blood costume, and Three Chicken Brother pets.

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