ESO Update 17 Arrives on February 12th

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The Elder Scrolls Online's Update 17 which will arrive on February 12th will introduce a host of changes to the game's combat that emphasize smart teamwork and tactical play. 


Ability Synergies in ESO are designed to give players additional opportunities to benefit from teamwork and communication. With Update 17, Synergies will become easier to understand and even easier to activate. Every ability that offers a Synergy will display a clear visual indicator, such as a column of light. Once the Synergy is used, the indicator will disappear. This helps other players know whether they can expect to find a Synergy there.


As for ESO's PvP combat, the severity of the movement speed penalty when using an ability with a cast time will be reduced to allow players to maneuver more during a fight. 

When engaging in PvE battles, Heavy Attacks will no longer remove the Off Balance debuff from bosses, giving everyone in the group opportunities to utilize them. And players in the middle of their rotations will have a greater variety of decisions to make. Meanwhile, the amount of resources players gain from hitting an Off Balance enemy with a Heavy Attack will also be increased, and players can gain around double the amount they usually get. 

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