Survivor Royale’s Nationality System and 50V50 Global Arena Mode Available Now

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NetEase Games’ mobile Battle Royale game Survivor Royale has been widely acclaimed since its release. The new Nationality System and Global Arena mode are now online to further enrich its co-op gameplay. Players can now easily team up with compatriots and fight on behalf of their countries.


The Nationality System Connects the World

Players’ nationality will now show when they kill an enemy or chat, making it easy to find compatriots. Countries will be ranked based on their players’ overall performance. Your wins contribute to your country! 

50v50 Nationwide Global Arena Competition

The brand new 50v50 Global Arena mode allows up to 50 players from the same country to team up and compete with another country. Teammates might be distant to each other, but they can team up fight alongside each other in game. You can check your country’s results and rankings at any time.


New Outfits, Gears and Vehicles

Other than Nationality System and Global Arena, Survivor Royale adds new vehicles, weapons and costumes. Pickups, leather jackets, firefighter gears, hoodies and many more new weapons are now waiting for you. 


Are you looking for the ultimate cooperative gaming experience?  What are you waiting for? Find your compatriots! Wear your new jacket! Hop on that pickup! Wave your national flag! Team up and fight for your country in Survivor Royale!

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