The 3 Most Anticipated MMO Games for 2018

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2018 came a little faster than usual, don’t you think? Here is some of the most anticipated multiplayer role-playing online games that will make the new year better than 2017!

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Yes, the first is only an expansion of WoW but we can’t still deny the fact that the game has the most number of active players, and this upcoming expansion has a high anticipation. Have you seen the trailer? It is AWESOME! Here it is:

Following Legion, the previous expansion, Battle for Azeroth got announced in the last Blizzcon 2017 (November). The expansion comes with new dungeons and raids. Also, new continents, Kul Tiras and Zandalar are going to get added. What doubles the excitement is the new warfronts. Warfront involves a new 20-player PvE mode versus NPC’s of the opposing faction. 


The level cap will increase to 120. From 110, players will have to explore and level up ten levels. It’s an excellent opportunity to see and experience the new continents. Also, players can challenge themselves with ten new dungeons, which are lots of new dungeons to finish and master! Blizzard never fails to excite their players whenever there is a new expansion for WoW.


Project TL


Originally released by NCSoft back in 1998, Lineage is looking to stay eternal-ly. Originally announced as Lineage Eternal, Project TL is canon to the original Lineage and is a sequel. In fact, Project TL is not news to Lineage fans. Gameplay videos of Lineage Eternal got shown in 2011 in a gaming convention in South Korea, so they know this game is coming. Imagine seven years in development; the anticipation should be through the roof. The development took some dents and caused multiple delays. With the change in game producer, Project TL will be up and running in 2018.

Project TL will keep the isometric gameplay, which is good news. Siege warfare no doubt contributes to the action that will keep players involved in the battle. Also, the exciting news is Project TL in mobile. The marketing revolves around the game getting played on mobile devices. The release date is still TBA, but trailers for 2018 have gone viral; that’s why the game made it here.


Bless Online

From the known game developing and publishing company in South Korea, Neowiz Games will release Bless Online this 2018. The game got announced as a worldwide release unlike many Korean MMORPGs that take a year or two before players outside of Korea can play their big named games. It’s significantly in part that Neowiz decided to self-publish the game after Aeria Games canceled the western release last July 2017. Well, it’s good to know since the game was announced six years ago in 2011 as BLESS.


Bless Online’s plot is between two factions: (1) nation of Hieron and (2) nation of Union. Distinct climatic zones divide the fantasy world of Bless Online; where you start depends on which race and class you choose, including the faction you belong to in the game.

The worldwide release is expected next year.

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