Pre-apocalyptic Philosophical Shooter DECEIVER Revealed A Trailer

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By hearstDate: Jan 23 2018 Views:


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Pre-apocalyptic philosophical shooter DECEIVER is a new indie game in development. A new trailer has been revealed recently.

DECEIVER features 3D combat, with spider drones crawling on walls and ceilings and launching themselves at enemies. It sports a vector geometry art style inspired by the 1982 sci-fi film Tron, and powered by a custom engine. Everything is built from vectors, right down to the font.


In the game, players can explore a vast cyberpunk city using first-person parkour movement mechanics. You can fight with other online players for control of the city by finding and unlocking terminals, which allow you to deploy and control spider drones.


The world is about to end. Those who can afford it have already abandoned the planet for an off-world colony. Will you scrounge together enough money to escape before disaster strikes? It's a zero-sum game between you and every other player. Steal their resources and defend your own.

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