Team-based Hero Shooter Hero Hunters Launches February 1st

By hearst Date: Jan 11 2018 Views:

Team-based third-person shooter game Hero Hunters will be launched worldwide on the App Store and Google Play on February 1st.

With over 40 heroes available at launch, Hero Hunters features the high fidelity graphics and intense shooting action along with inventive team-based gameplay that is unique to mobile gaming. 


Players will be able to quickly and seamlessly switch from hero to hero at any point in the midst of the fast-paced action, allowing them at any time to play as whichever hero they want. Whether controlling the archer huntress Artemis, the cyber ninja Odachi, or the heavy weapons specialist Steele, gamers can switch between any of the five heroes they’ve chosen to take into battle in order to gain a strategic advantage over their enemy. Each hero offers their own unique skills, strengths and powerful special abilities that can quickly turn the tide of battle. 

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