Lineage 2: Revolution 5 Million Players Celebration Event

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Netmarble will be handing out five free Enhance Scrolls to everyone to celebrate its five million registered users for Lineage 2: Revolution. In addition, a number of in-game events will take place throughout the month to provide even more rewards for players.

Lineage 2: Revolution players are now able to participate in The Combine Equipment Event, which runs through January 17th. The event rewards all players who acquire at least a Grade-S equipment through combining with one Grade-R Varnish Selection Box.


Aymel’s School - Growth Mentor Event, which runs through January 16th, gives players automatic leveling when they clear five quests. Players will be allowed two free clearances per day and the quests’ difficulties will increase for better rewards. Rewards for completed quests include Adena, Enhance Scroll Bundle and Blessed Scroll Bundle depending on the number of quests completed.


In celebration of the New Year, players who log-in from now until January 20th will receive various letters and in-game items per day during the New Year Celebration Everyday Log-in Event.


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