The Impact Of VR On Gaming In 2018

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Virtual reality is technology that was talked about for years before it actually arrived. You’d see it in films that were set in the future or looking into it. VR finally became a reality just over a year ago, immediately targeting the gaming industry. This is the place many people expected virtual reality to have the biggest impact, but it had a rather underwhelming start to life. Now though, it seems to be going from strength to strength, so what can we expect from VR tech in 2018?


The impact on gaming is expected to be huge in 2018 and the first strides will be made thanks to the advancements in the actual hardware. In the past we saw that the likes of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive needed high spec PC’s for example to use them. That started to change this year and we are also set to see a change in how the sensors work too, for the better.

As it stands, the headsets use what is known as outside in tracking in order to basically watch the headset; and this is how the VR tech works. The issue is people are sort of restricted in the space that the sensors are watching. Now though, inside out technology is set to come into play. This ultimately means that the sensors will be looking outwards, meaning the virtual reality world will be infinite and limitless. The whole gaming experience will improve massively thanks to the advancements in the hardware itself. 


In terms of content it has come on leaps and bounds recently and that is expected to continue throughout 2018. More and more top developers are getting on board with producing VR games or making top titles such as Capcom’s Resident Evil Biohazard virtual reality capable. It’s likely that things will progress in the same manner and continue to be more quality over quantity. There is even talk that the superb Half Life 2 in VR will be making an appearance in 2018 after Steam users gave it the green light.


The major impact on gaming in 2018 though will certainly be made by the advancements to the headsets. They will be at a stage where they won’t be out of place in anyone’s home and with them and their controllers set to become untethered, they will certainly be more aesthetically pleasing for most people going forwards. The untethered approach will also make virtual reality gaming capable of multi-player action and this is something that has been lacking so far. This will open up the real possibilities of VR tech being incorporated into other markets like online betting and casino. There are many online betting sites that are embracing this technology and it’s easy to find them on sites like

So that, after a sluggish start, VR technology finally started making strides forward in 2017. More people stood up and took notice of virtual reality and what is was capable of delivering, especially in a gaming sense. 2018 should be another year of progression for virtual reality where it becomes a much more mainstream product. With better hardware, content from top gaming developers and price reductions, it should have the kind of impact everybody expects.

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