Black Desert Mystic Awakening Arrives with Flurry of Snowflakes Event

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By hearstDate: Jan 03 2018 Views:


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Black Desert's Mystic Awakening is now available! With the help of the Awakening Weapon, Cestus, the blows of the Mystic will take on the power of rushing waters, piercing through enemies using Spiral Torpedo, pulling foes into an orb of water with Dragon’s Rip or sending them flying with Tidal Burst.


Apart from Mystic Awakening, players can now level up their Mystic with the help of the new Campsite feature. Just set up your campsite wherever you like while you are out adventuring, and customize it to suit your needs. There're also Marni’s Stones, an exclusive content for characters eager for EXP that help you level up your characters much faster.


Finally, from January 4th 00:00 UTC to January 24th, Black Desert's Flurry of Snowflakes Event will give players chances to win various rewards like the Delicate Snowflake Ornament Box, Resplendent Snowflake Ornament Box, Shining Snowflake Ornament Box and Fine Accessory. Details can be found on this page.

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