League of Angels - Paradise Land Christmas Events

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No Christmas would be complete without a cute reindeer, a Christmas tree and a grand party. The fantasy turn-based mobile RPG game League of Angels - Paradise Land will reveal a series of magical festival events from December 23rd, 2017.  

As messenger of the festival, the wonderful Christmas reindeer named Rudy was among the first to arrive in the League of Angels - Paradise Land universe. From December 20th to 28th, players could log in to get free shards for this adorable reindeer. 


The Christmas tree is one of the biggest attractions. Decorate the giant tree by spending Gingerbread Men to win amazing rewards. The Christmas tree will level-up once it has been adorned with enough decorations. When it reaches the next level, all players will get a special Christmas gift. Gingerbread Men can be obtained in many ways such as by logging in, completing in-game activities and playing different events. Players who blitz normal and elite stages will also be greatly rewarded with amazing prizes such as Gingerbread Men, Rudy Shards, Silver Bells and more.


But the festivities don’t stop there. The Christmas Party will reveal all-new items and huge discounts to brighten the holiday season. During the event, players can get Golden and Silver Bells from various in-game activities and exchange them for great rewards in the Christmas Party.

The event also includes superb deals on Heroes of the highest quality, and introduces the brand new hero Lucian. With both Vampire and Demon blood in his veins, Lucian deals a great amount of damage and offers a powerful control type for your team. Don't miss the chance to power up your team - come and prepare for the fun-filled journey!

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