Top 5 Mobile Games of 2017

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Need something to fill the in-between times while commuting or waiting for something? Well, these mobile games are for you! You have to pay for most of them (some are free), but they're guaranteed to fill your commute or wait with enjoyment.

This War of Mine


This War of Mine takes a new spin on wars. Instead of the typical soldier, players take control of a civilian trying to survive in a war-torn town. They must use the tools and supplies they can gather, and even let other people join their group of survivors. However, doing so has its advantages and drawbacks. The characters have no training or knowledge to survive, thus the player has to intervene for their survival. Hard decisions have to get made in this game, so it's not for the faint of heart.

This War of Mine

The app costs $15, available for both iOS and Android.

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