ArcheAge Begins’ Global Update Offers Raised Level Limit, Enhanced Raids, and More

By serena Date: Dec 17 2017 Views:

GAMEVIL's 3D mobile MORPG ArcheAge Begins has released its second major update just in time for the Holidays.  The much-anticipated global update adds exciting new content to the game like an increased Max Level limit of 88, “Legendary” level Raids, Volume Eight of the immersive Saga, and a winter-themed lobby to kick off the Christmas season.


A ‘Damage Meter’ display has also been implemented into the various battle modes available in ArcheAge Begins. The ‘Damage Meter’ will display damage dealt, damage received, and healing provided in battle, which will be available to view in real time.


Additional updates include Inoch’s Evolution form ‘Haje of Prophecies,’ a Kyprosa costume, and a ‘Rune Fusion’ system.

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