Lineage 2: Revolution Updated with Fortress Siege and Open Siege Modes

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Lineage 2: Revolution has been updated to include a pair of game modes to allow players to take on epic scale battles. 

Fortress Siege is held each Friday and allows players to enter a real-time, massive PvP battle between two clans. Each clan can field up to 50 members. Once crowned, a clan will take on a new opponent the next week as other clans bid for the right. All participating players will receive rewards such as in-game currency, experience points, and buffs.

Open Siege is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Anyone with Level 11 and above can take part in 30v30 fights to provide a small taste of the larger Fortress Siege game mode. Players can join Open Siege with a maximum party of five, and they’ll be sorted by combat power and level. Meanwhile, in celebration of the Open Siege update, the schedule for Open Siege will be adjusted for the first week of the update: 


A total of five Open Siege will be held - Wednesday (December 13) and Saturday (December 16) on the first week, and Tuesday (December 19), Thursday (December 21), and Saturday (December 23) on the second week. Schedule will resume to every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from the following week. 

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