Bluehole Details A:IR’s Airships and Weapons

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Ascent: Infinite Realm developer Bluehole has released in-depth information about airships, the main transportation system in the game, and the weapons they hold.

The airships are the main means of transportation in Ascent: Infinite Realm. Players increase power by utilizing their airships and fighting against opponents. After their home on Harth was destroyed, the inhabitants had nowhere to turn but up, and so they took to the sky. Players need the airships in order to move and explore the new floating lands supporting the survival and reconstruction of the faction. 


Airships in Ascent: Infinite Realm include Nous Training Airship, Ontari Training Airship, Vulpin Airship, Single Vulpin/Ontari Assault Airship, Multi-passenger Vulpin/Ontari Assault Airship, Wind Sprinter, Black Ship/Merchant Ship and Large-scale Ship. 

The Training Nous Airship is a beginner airship, which can only be used by the Nous. It’s obtained through quests, suitable for a single player and it has a low flight altitude. The Ontari Training Ship is much the same as the Nous airship, except it can be crafted. The Vulpin Airships function in the same manner as the Ontari, however, they differ greatly in appearance. Where Ontari Airships have wings on the side and bottom of the vessel, Vulpin airships are characterized by the rear wings and different color variations.The Single Assault Airship is a personal airship, only available on the battlefield. And the Wind Sprinter is a non-combat racing ship, much like a yacht. With rapid movement speed and a high flying altitude.


Weapons include Jet pack, Mechs, Boardable Machine Gun, Automatic Machine Gun, Boardable Cannon, Turret and Boardable Flame Cannon. Jet Packs are a more personal form of transportation, allowing a player to move across the battlefield rapidly. 

Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) is an online MMORPG from Kakao Games. It is based in a steampunk world with an airship civilization. 

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