Mobile MMORPG Sword Art Online Integral Factor Goes Live in Japan

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Bandai Namco announced the mobile MMORPG Sword Art Online: Integral Factor at Tokyo Game Show 2017 in September. Now the game is now available for download on mobile devices in Japan. The story of the game is rather straightforward - you, the Protagonist, were a Sword Art Online beta tester. After SAO went live, you found yourself imprisoned in the game. There is also the "Heroine," who was also a beta tester. Her name is Koharu, and the Protagonist met her during the beta test, where they bonded together. Let's check out the gameplay videos below:

After creating your character, you can obtain skill cards in forms of characters in the Anime. Equipping these lets you use that Anime characters skill! You also need to equip the proper weapon for each one. The combat felt fast, but it didn't really feel like an Action RPG since certain monsters and bosses locked on to you. 

Sword Art Online Integral Factor is an MMORPG and you will find other players out on the open zones of the game. You can pick up quests from SAO NPC's and board quests. Random dungeon adventures, party boss hunting, and more. And you gotta hunt monsters and bosses to craft weapons, you definitely need to craft weapon and armor as they play a huge difference if you want to level up fast or survived boss battles. You also need to level up that weapon by feeding it EXP fodder. Happy Grinding!

Interested gamers can head for the official website to learn more about Sword Art Online Integral Factor, or download the game in Japanese below:

available_on_googleplay available_on_appstore

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