New Mobile Action Game Treasure Raiders Will be Launched Next Year

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Treasure Raiders is a game that combines the best of shooter, action, and RPG genres into a free to play gaming experience for Android and iOS. The game features a humorous Japanese anime style, creating a world where ancient civilizations and sci-fi can coexist.

Search for treasure, go on wild chases, avoid traps, and face formidable bosses in your adventure. With a wide variety of levels and stages and tons of weapons and equipment, players will be continually tested as they team up to clear dungeons or battle others in PvP. 


The five main characters in Treasure Raiders feature a variety of skills and professions, and players will certainly find one that best suits their style of play and expertise.

Challenge Dungeons will be the main co-op events in Treasure Raiders, and players may opt for the Normal or Elite challenges. Entries for the Normal dungeons refresh daily, while Elite dungeons refresh weekly. As players progress, they will unlock the five primary event types: Raid Ruins, Biochem Crisis, Phantom of the Castle, War Games, and Return of the Dead, each featuring three stages and each with its own unique style and challenges. 

Treasure Raiders is expected to launch in early 2018.

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