Crowfall Introduces Its Hairy Spider

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Crowfall's new monster is a hairy spider with creeping legs and silvered skin. Her name is Arachne, meaning Mother of Spiders, and the name gave her substance and power. The spider scurried into the night and observed the machinations of Man. She drank from Man's secrets, and passed them to the Spider Prince.


With each cryptic message sacrificed to the Spider Prince, she was blessed. As she devoured, so she grew, and soon she who had been born of shadow outgrew its embrace. The Prince took her up into His hands and placed her into the wilds, judging her fit to walk the world. She began to feed on flesh in the stead of secrets, and still she grew.

In time, the spider was fat and vibrant, and she introduced her own children into the world. Her children scattered across the wilderness. Feeding. Multiplying. They had children, and their children had children, and these children buried themselves deep within the heart of Man and there laid their eggs to hatch for an Age or longer.


Apart from introducing the hairy monster, the developers announced that they would retire all 2017 pledge packages and the majority of their parcels and strongholds bundles on December 31st as Crowfall got closer to launch and developers needed to transition the project from selling pledge packages to selling pre-orders.

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