Five Latest Mobile Games from November to Take up Your Time

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If you’re already bored with games on your mobile phone and eager to find some substitutes, this article might interest you. It talks about five latest mobile games released in October and November, which include RPG, action games and card games. 

Witch Spring 3

Witch Spring 3 is released in October as a third work in Witch Spring series. In this RPG, you'll guide a young witch to hide from warriors. There’re many quests for players which involve defeating a particular enemy or turning in a particular item. In addition to the main story quests, players can also try optional side-quests. They're not too different from the story quests.

The crafting system is the heart of the game. Players often need to put things together to create the item they need, or upgrade stats and magic through crafting. Battles in Witch Spring 3 are turn-based. Players can choose to attack, cast a spell, or use an item on their turn. 


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