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Car trends vary from place to place because what might be trendy in a certain country may not trend in another country or region. This may be due to differences in preference or due to lack of money to be able to afford currently trending cars. 


These trends have been powered by different brands over the years. A popular trendsetter has been the Mercedes brand. This can be clearly seen in the cars they developed a long time ago which are now vintage cars. The cars became more and more modernised till where they are right now. 

Currently, the trending cars areTesla motors. Their cars do not use fuel but rather use electricity. Currently, the car manufacturers are working on a fully digitalised vehicle, having Wi-Fi, advanced infotainment systems, car to car communication which will allow the cars on the road talk. Maybe soon we will be able to play real money online canadian casino games on the car’s on-board computer while the car drives itself home.


Car trends are very dynamic because if we are to take you 10 years back that is when trending cars were those that have sensors all around, televisions inside the cars and other advancements that made cars trendy. 

The shape of a car is one thing that can trend about a car. This car manufacturer will make a similar shape if one manufacturer introduces a car shape and it boosts their sales on the market. Technological advancement can be trending on cars and this may include a car being able to warn you, automatic breaks when you are about to crash into another car or wall. Did you know that you can play car games at and stand a chance to win big.

The economic environment also determines whether a car can be trendy. Naturally,a trending car in America is totally different from a trending car in Zimbabwe. Car trends also are influenced by social media. For instance, if someone sees a celebrity posting a picture with a certain car and because they want to be like that celebrity they will buy the car. Thus the celebrity will have influenced a trend. 

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