Award-winning Mobile RPG - Phantom Chaser Is Released

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Enjoy an Epic fantasy storyline that brings you to experience with more than 130 unique Phantoms from both East & West. Award-winning impressive quality graphics which was awarded for ‘Best Graphics’ in Unity Korea Award 2017. Exciting gameplay with additional strategic controls to broaden the experience.

Game Play
Manage your team by selecting various characters, whether it be main characters or mimic characters to create an outstanding team! By adventuring in Story mode and Battlefield, your team will gradually become stronger to fulfill the final goal. Challenge other players in Arena and climb to the top and take all the glory!


Game System
Various Phantoms: Meet Phantoms from various myths & legends around the world to fight for your team. Such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Succubus, Anubis, the great Nine-Tails, and many more to light up your gameplay.

Enhance Phantoms: Strengthen your Phantoms through level up, upgrade, transcend and evolve. Increase your character's attack power, defense, and unlock higher-tier skills. Additionally, the Phantom’s appearance changes in 4 steps as it gets stronger.


Mimic: Surpass the power of your team by increasing attack power, defense, and adding special skills which are available only when in a mimic state. Mimicked Phantoms will appear above your character while it is in the mimic state.
Team Formation: Manage your team with different roles, such as, Melee, Mid-Range, and Long Range which can be adapted to defeat the opponent.

Strategic Control: Control the combat manually to gain victories. While in combat, you can control your characters freely to avoid area of damage and focus attack on a single target to eliminate present threat.

Skill Combinations: Variety of skills and abilities are available for each Phantom including their own unique skills which creates countless strategies and possibilities for you to dig deeper into the game.


Crafting: Besides hunting down Phantoms or drawing Summon Ticket from the shop, you can create a high tier Phantom by crafting. By gathering materials and combining them, you will acquire powerful Phantoms to fight on your side.

Battlefield: Plenty of modes in Battlefield for you to enjoy all day long and enhance your Phantoms efficiently at the same time. ‘River of Fire’ challenges your potential to see how far you can go, ‘Scalar Tower’, climb up the tower for essential upgrading items, Daily Dungeons for finding materials to upgrade or craft Phantoms and many more.

Arena: Challenging your skills with other hunters. Climb to the top ranks to receive worthy weekly rewards.

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