Aurcus Online - Not Another Mobile MMORPG Clone

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Are you looking for a new game for your mobile phone? Do you want something that is deep in story, rich in combat, and something that you can play with not just friends, but players around the world? Something that you feel is truly worthy of your time? Well, then have we got a game for you! The MMORPG Aurcus Online. This free-to-play title is available now, and has a whole host of features that make you smile and enjoy the game.


In the land of Levaria, there was also discord, always trouble, but, through the watchful eyes of the spirits, peace was maintained, and for a long time, all was well. But then, the Dark Force came, and with it came a reign of destruction and death came across the land. Nations fell, homes were invaded, and death seemed to be the only constant.

When all hope seemed lost, a union of nations seemed to be the only option left. Yet, pride came in and made it impossible. But the Galleria Kingdom did not give up, and through the binding of magic, a union was formed, and an organization rose to fight the evils of the world: The Sword of Aurcus.


And you...are now one of them.

Aurcus online features seamless gameplay on your phone, where the simplest of taps can make it so you attack foes, string combos, and more. What's more, the gameplay combat doesn't just take place on the ground, it take place in the skies above.

If you're ready to go to battle, you can fight others in the Arena, and then talk smack with your opponents as you beat them, or just to get the upper hand.

The world of Aurcus Online is vast, and it features many characters and stories just waiting to be told. The question is, are you ready to begin your journey?

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