Classes and New Features Revealed for Netmarble's TERA M

By hearst Date: Nov 16 2017 Views:

Netmarble's new mobile game TERA M which is showcasing at G-Star 2017 has got several new feature trailers. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and aims to replicate TERA PC version's experience.

There are 6 playable classes in TERA M, each being gender and class locked. They are Elin Priest, Human Brawler (female), Aman Lancer, High Elf Archer (female), Human Slayer (male), and Popori Alchemist, a new class exclusive to TERA M. More characters are being worked on, as Netmarble mentioned.


TERA M's core features as highlighted in the trailers include: a battlefield where players seek to destroy the crystal towers of enemies; guilds and there will be instanced maps for guild members to socialize; dungeon crawling which will offer a variety for players to explore with friends and guild mates; finally, players can meet each other in town, just like a PC MMORPG, and travel to different maps using the Pegasus service.



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