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Let's be honest shall we? Sometimes, you just want a game that lets you get straight into the action, right into the fun, and lets you rip enemies apart, right? Well, if you're craving an MMORPG that'll let you do that, then look no further than MU Legend. For this next-gen hack-n-slash MMORPG will allow you to carve into enemies and become so powerful that you won't want to stop fighting.


But what really sets MU Legend apart is that it does what other MMORPGs won't. For example, most classes in MMORPGs have specific ranges of attacks, and only certain ones have area-of-effect attacks, right? Well, not MU Legend! For every single class has AOE attacks right from the start! So now, as you level up, you'll know that you can attack from afar, up close, or all around you, it's up to you what you do. 


And we mean that, for MU Legend goes truly deep in its customization process. Do you want abilities that'll make you a one-person army? There are options for that. Or, do you want to be a true team player that can help anyone out of virtually any situation? Yeah, there are options for that to. Make YOUR character the way YOU want to.


Plus, there are four classes for you to choose from, each with their own unique style and flair that you can customize to your liking. There's the Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Dark Lord. Each has something unique to bring to the table. The Whisperer has an epic bow and is mostly the usual ranger slash hunter kind of class that kites and keeps a distance. The War Mage uses magic of all shapes and sizes and has a good variety of ranged and melee abilities. It is a highly mobile class that is very enjoyable to play. 


The Blader is you average warrior that dual wields or wields a 2-handed sword for slightly lower def but higher damage output. It seems to serve as a sort of off-tank. The Dark Lord is your average tank with a massive shield, lots of defensive skills and can either prioritize on party enhancing or on  dealing a ton of AoE damage using blunt weapons. 


So, you have your character ready, what next? Well, MU Legend offers plenty of content for you to partake in. Want to put your character against others? Then check out the PVP content. Want to see what the world offers? There's plenty of PVE stuff for you to do as well. The content you'll find in MU Legend is deep, sophisticated and so much more. Procedural dungeons, plenty of gear to find, legendary locations it's all here.
What are you waiting for? Go get your character and fight some monsters!

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