Tartaros Rebirth: An Epic Anime Style MMORPG

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Are you looking for a new MMORPG adventure? One that feels like a grand console game, but you can also play with friends? Then you're going to want to check out Tartaros Rebirth. This game is the sequel to Tartaros Online, but don't be followed by the word "sequel", this is an all-new gaming experience with new content, new stories, new things to be and do, and that's just the beginning. 


In a world where gods and man fought, man ironically won. As such, the gods themselves were sealed away, and man has been working hard to rebuild their lands. But now, the gods are threatening to be released, and a new hero must rise up to stop them. That's where you come in. But who you are in this adventure? Well, that's up to you.


Tartaros Rebirth gives you the options to be one of 9 different playable characters, but that's not the end of your choices. There are over 60 job classes that you can become. Some on a base level, and some on an upgraded one. Yet, that's still not all, for this MMORPG has thousands of items and gear that you can outfit your character with to be the most epic character you can imagine.

So, now you have a character, what now? Tartaros Rebirth has hundreds of quests to do, dungeons by the dozens, and numerous areas to explore and look at as you wander the massive world you are in. There is so much to do, and there's plenty of time to do it all.


With a fresh anime style, rhythmic combat that's unlike any MMORPG before, 40+ hours of animated and fully voice acted cutscenes, and so much more, Tartaros Rebirth is one MMORPG that you really don't want to miss out on. The game is available since the grand opening on October 30th. Go ahead and join this fresh community and explore Tartaros Rebirth.

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