Eternity Guardians: Not Another Mobile MMORPG Clone

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Are you ready to save the realms, save your sister, all the while stopping an invasion and an evil organization from taking over? Well, then you're ready for Eternity Guardians, the mobile hack-n-slash MMORPG that has you being a demigod. That's right, a demigod, and one with a lineage you might be familiar with.


For in Eternity Guardians, you find yourself in a reimagined take on Norse mythology, and you are either a human or an elf with a godly family who must take on the threats of the realms. Not the least of which is an Orc invasion that is threatening the realm of humans, you must stop them. But also, your sister has been kidnapped by a group called Pandora, and she must be saved.


Eternity Guardians recently had a special Halloween event, in which a brand new companion pet could be obtained, along with some new content that is not to be missed. So don't dawdle, and jump on in! Oh, and one of the pets is a magical pumpkin!

What's that? What's the combat like? Well, Eternity Guardians puts a fun twist on hack-and-slash gameplay. For here, there are no classes, instead, you have a pair of weapons that you use simultaneously to unleash a wicked set of combos that'll allow you to tear into any foe.


You can also call in companions and pets (like the pumpkin!) to help you in battle. Use them at the right time to truly gain the upperhand!

Eternity Guardians has a truly deep single player storyline for you to be a part of, and then, when you want a little more, find some other players and be a part of 3v3 Rumbles! Think your team can overcome the others?

Either way, your journey awaits, so don't miss the chance to play this epic free title, it’s well worth it.

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