Absolver Halloween Update Will Give Players Long Term Rewards

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By hearstDate: Oct 26 2017 Views:


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Absolver just got a 1.08 update for Halloween. As the devs said, this update is to start giving better long term rewards for players who invest time and effort in Combat Trials.


The loot system has been reworked with the introduction of Rift Coins and Rift Disks. And the Prestige system will give rewards to players beyond level 60. Crystals are awarded at each Prestige level, which can be used to reassign Attribute Points and buy Rift Disks. The devs also updated the inventory with a new “sort” and “salvage” features allowing players to better manage their inventory and convert equipment pieces into Fragments, which can then be used to repair equipment i.e. convert “Aged” into “New”.


With the update, there'll also be new equipment sets, Absolver capes, and 6 new Halloween-inspired masks to go with the spirit of the season. Better news is that Absolver will be at a 20% discount on Steam for the duration of the Halloween sale.

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