Devs Talks about Crowfall's Castle Wall Customization Tool

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It has been revealed before that Crowfall's castle building system allows players to create smart connectors, which can make two pieces join together in seamless manner, e.g. when you need to connect Wall A to Tower B. Now the devs said that they found the need for "plugs" and were now supporting the feature. 


Plugs are basically the opposite of connectors. Instead of automatically adding an adapter piece, a plug does the reverse, removing sub-parts from one or both pieces to allow the two parts to connect seamlessly. Crowfall's original castle wall set included enormous stone walls that were crafted of solid stone bricks. Unless you destroyed them in a Siege, they were giant impenetrable blocks of stone. There's another type of wall: tunneled walls that have “hollowed out” interiors and wooden interior walkways and ramps. These would allow you to create passages to travel beneath the ramparts and down the length of your walls.


The new “plug” feature can add a ton of customization to these hollow walls to give players more versatility in how they control the traffic flow of defenders in and around these tunneled wall pieces. Instead of making the walls out of pre-fabricated and non-customizable wall segments, Crowfall's devs moved them over to “panels” - basically stone wall segments that could be replaced with other wall types. Now players can move their arrow slits, add doors where they want and even open up the interior of their wall with wooden support beams to look out over (and fire into) their courtyard.


In the Faction-based worlds, devs pre-design when and where these panels are placed in the already-pre-defined Strongholds. In the guild-based campaigns, this will allow teams to have more control over how their Strongholds are designed, which in turn means more control over your defenses in a Siege. 


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