Legacy of Discord Celebrates Its One-year Anniversary with A Wealth of Updates

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The first anniversary is expected to be a watershed moment for every mobile game, and the most popular ARPG mobile game Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings is celebrating such a moment. Starting October 20th, Legacy of Discord will kick off its anniversary celebration with many sorts of treats, including Last Guardian Mode, an upgraded Metamorph System and the exclusive Furious Wing.


With millions of players, the team is pushing to create more game modes and improve the game experience in all aspects. During the celebration, Legacy of Discord brings out the upgraded Metamorph System and a new survival mode Last Guardian. The initial Metamorph system allows players to transform into mysterious creatures and unleash their ultimate powers in battles. After this update, the system will bring more monsters, skills and maps to the players. 

Last Guardian is a 20-minute survival gameplay mode, offering a new option of advanced battle experience. All players will have the same base attributes in the mode, and only one guardian will survive. More notably, the anniversary celebration reveals the Furious Wing. With the flame of darkness, Furious Wings is the only one wing that is a combination of a Wrathwing and Skywing.


There will be a significant class advancement in the future. Players will be able to transfer into other classes, and a brand new powerful class will appear in the game. The passion for joy will drive the game forward. More fun is on the way.

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