Legacy of Discord Revealed Details about Upcoming Last Guardian Mode

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The popular ARPG Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings today revealed details about its coming battle royale mode Last Guardian to celebrate the first anniversary and enhance the game experience.

Last Guardian lasts for 20 minutes. Players can enter the match room in the initial 3 minutes, and then the game will start and no new players can join any more. Participants have to kill other players to improve their power and survive. Players get points for the total number of kills, assist-kills, equipment and chests.


There are two formats in this mode: Entertainment Format and Death Format. In the Entertainment Format, players could continue the game even after they die. But the dead characters need some time to be resurrected and all the equipment will disappear. Player with the most points will win the match. As for the Death Format, the player allowed region will get smaller every 3 minutes. If someone is out of the region, this guardian will lose HP constantly. A maximum of 40 players may join a match room at a time. Participants will be disqualified if they die in this mode.

During the period, all players will have the same base attributes in Last Guardian Mode, plus the attribute transformed by BR. Players may find additional help in this mode and upgrade to be more powerful, and eventually be the winning player.

Players could find Equipment, Wrathwings, Weapons, Potions and other things directly laying on the ground, or obtain them from chests. Potions are very important in Last Guardian. 


There’re 3 types of potions, the Attack potions, Defence potions and Special potions. Attack potions will increase the attack power in a period of time. Defence potions will reduce damage taken. There are also some Special potions. Some may increase the movement speed, and some of the Special potion could turn another player into a chest for 10 sec. 

There are also many chances for players to gain experience if they find the special chest. Besides these chests, all players will get some experience every once in a while, given by system.

On October 20th, Legacy of Discord will start its anniversary celebration. The game has prepared all sorts of treats for the players, including the Last Guardian Mode, an upgraded Metamorph system, and the exclusive Furious Wing.

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