Eternity Guardians Halloween Update and Events Announced

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Released just over a month ago, Eternity Guardians has received critical acclaim among its fanbase, touted for its furious, fast-paced action perfectly suited for gaming on the go. EZfun is proud to announce that a special Halloween update is coming to the game, bringing with it events and unique prizes for players to discover.

Between October 27th and November 5th, players will find new content waiting for them in-game


Behold – the mysterious and unique Halloween companion pet!

Eternity Guardians is an exciting, combat focused online game, where players devastate their foes by unleashing brutal skills, combos, and unbelievably deadly weapons on their foes in all-out, visceral real-time action. The game features a story inspired by western mythology as opposed to the usual Asian settings we so often see in these games, bringing a unique and welcome twist to the tried-and-true formula.

You can download and play Eternity Guardians for FREE right now on both  iOS and Android.

You can also join the official community portal on Facebook.

EZfun is a global video game publisher with a specialty in bringing unique games such as Dynasty Blades and Rage of the Righteous built from the ground up to mobile gaming audiences around the world. With over 180 talented employees, expertise in 8+ languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Japanese, & Hebrew, the drive to succeed, and a passion for all things gaming in general, EZfun strives to deliver entertainment and fun above all.

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