Bandai Namco’s New Mobile Game LayereD Stories 0 Is Coming This Winter

By serena Date: Oct 16 2017 Views:

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced to launch Project LayereD and the first upcoming mobile game under this project called LayereD Stories 0 this winter for Android and iOS platforms. Regarding to business models, no further details have been given by the developer so far. 

LayereD Stories 0 sets the story in 2037 Shibuya Japan when the social life has been changed by the development of the AR technique LayereD that enables to visualize your imagination and present in the real world. Bandai Namco Entertainment said players are allowed to enjoy both fun gaming and stunning animation in LayereD Stories 0. The game delivers the same high quality of game art and animation as TV animation for players to get to know more about its worldview. 


LayereD Stories 0 allows player to explore and move on the streets of Shibuya and take the opponents down. The game is starting for pre-registration now, players who are interested in this game can now sign up on the official website. More players pre-register the game and more in-game items will be rewarded while the game officially launched. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on MoboPlay.

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