Crowfall Reveals Three Monsters to Conclude Its Twelve Races

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Of all the races Crowfall has revealed so far, which do you like best? The Half-Elves? The Fae? Or perhaps you're more interested in its monsters? The latest blog talks about three monsters that will show up in Crowfall. They are The Centaurs, the Minotaurs and Guineceans.

The Centaurs are a proud and bellicose race who, for many generations seemed bent on conquering all the known worlds. This campaign of empire-building might have been successful were it not for the appearance of the Hunger, which corrupted (and eventually consumed) the Centaur homeworld of Pelion. An expansionistic empire led by a senate, Centaur warriors are trained from birth in the art of war, and Centaur magistrates are taught the skills necessary to administrate a vast and ever-growing empire.


The Minotaurs first appeared in written history as slaves to noble Elven families in the ancient High-Elf city of Aelfmuir. Used as protectors, fighters and beasts of burden, the Minotaurs broke free of their masters in the Celestial War and have lived in and around the outer fringes of civilized society ever since.


Guineceans are a diminutive, gregarious people known to be forthright and honorable. They excel at exploration and scholarly research and revel in meeting other cultures. A highly-civilized people, they favor diplomacy and free trade over conquest and aggression. In spite of this, fighters among this race are regarded as fierce combatants and their engineers as clever inventors.


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