The New Era of Arcania Begins

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The highly anticipated mobile game, Era of Arcania, has already entered Closed Beta, inching ever closer to its imminent debut. The MMORPG from 37Games will combine stunning graphics with a number of unique social & combat elements to create a truly immersive experience for players. The Closed Beta begins today on Android devices.

Customization in EoA will go beyond the 5 classes of typical RPGs to include various attires and a personalized home for your character that can be shared with others. Don’t get lost amongst the countless avatars on screen with the ability to personalize everything from the armor you wear to the furniture in your own sanctuary of solitude. You’ll even have a private maid or butler to cater to your every whim. Your gaming experience will ultimately be up to you...


About Era of Arcania

A reality of Gods and Demons is created in a Fusion of Western myths and Oriental fantasies. You’ll act as an explorer to embark on epic adventures with your friends. In Era of Arcania, you’ll have the chance to write your own legends through exploration, battles, and even love!

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