Dark and Light Halloween Event Preview: New Creatures Awaiting

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Can you believe it's Spooktober already? And that, of course, means Halloween is on the horizon! Let's take a preview at Dark and Light's upcoming Halloween event. During the event, new creatures will be invading the world of Archos with new item drops as well as fun happenings in major cities and towns. These include the below and more:


  • Werewolves - You'll need a friend to take down these alpha wolves, who drop all the things a player needs to become a werewolf themselves


  • Goblins - Goblins in Archos will get a skeletal reskin and Elite Goblins will drop new Halloween themed items including Goblin Candies (which provide a random negative or positive status effect), Jack O'Lantern Helmets, and Pumpkins


  • Elite Dark Reapers - Much more dangerous than regular reapers, these flying wraiths deal intense damage, but drop high quality items, including the schematics for the new powerful Sundered Sycthe


  • Jack O'Lanterns - Found across cities, these serve not only as decoration, but can be attacked to drop Goblin Candies, Pumpkin Seeds, and coins
  • Pumpkins - A crafting ingredient for the event; players can also use the seeds to grow their own pumpkin patches


  • Fusil - a new Blunderbuss weapon that shoots silver bullets to help with those pesky werewolves, or candy bullets that give fun particle effects to players
  • Transformation Runes - in addition to becoming a werewolf, these runes can also turn players into Yetis, Bears, and Elks; drops from associated creatures.


Stay tuned for the Halloween Event coming to Dark and Light soon!

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