Albion Online: Joseph Update Released

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Albion Online's Joseph update is available from now on for all players of the sandbox MMORPG.

Among other things, Joseph includes an action-packed Arena mode featuring a thrilling new battle system where players compete against each other in 5vs5 matches. Also, there will be additional PvP opportunities with Treasure Sites, two new group expeditions, further UI/UX improvements, Smart Casting, new weapon abilities for more variety and a range of other improvements.

Arena Mode
In the new Arena, players face worthy opponents in 5vs5 matches to gain control points. The winning teams receive Arena Sigils which can be redeemed for exceptional rewards like the Armored Sabretooth mount.
Treasure Sites
The old Relic Locker sites around Albion have been replaced by Treasure Sites. More than ten of these locations can be found throughout the yellow, red and black zones, offering additional opportunities for PvP battles.


New Abilities
Five new abilities have been added for bows, daggers, cursed staffs, swords and spears starting at tier 5. They will offer even more variety to these weapons' play styles.

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