Meet Crowfall's New Race - the Half-Elves

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Crowfall's Half-Elves are born through the uncommon union of a Wood-Elf and a Human.

Half-Elf children are different from their Human counterparts. In terms of facial features, they age more slowly, but make quick gains in terms of height, strength and agility. Among Human settlements, stories abound of Half-Elves who live in forests as animals, stealing children and livestock and reverting to savage ways. This causes them to be looked on with suspicion and sometimes outright hostility. 


The Half-Elf Racial Discipline allows Half-Elves to receive: an attribute bonus to Dexterity, Intellect and Spirit; an additional Power Slot on all of their Power Trays; a Bloodline Power…

The Half-Elf Bloodline passive consists of Trailblazer which grants the Half-Elf a 15% movement speed boost while in the Survival Tray. Additionally, this Race offers one Active Power, the race-specific right-click Dodge which is a short range roll that gets them out of danger.


According to devs, the planned line-up of available Classes for the Half-Elf at launch includes: Ranger, Assassin, and Druid. The powers mentioned above will be available to ALL Half-Elf characters, regardless of Class. And there'll be both male and female versions of the Half-Elf.

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