You’re Invited to a Ghostly Dance in the New Update of Hidden City

By hearst Date: Sep 26 2017 Views:

It seemed the Manor House Gate would be closed forever in Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows. Lately, however, laughter and the clinking of glasses can be heard at the Manor House. Is the Enchanted Ball coming back to life? Or are dark forces trying to break out and turn the whole City to stone like the Ball's guests?


In the latest update of Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows, players can explore the Enchanted Ball's majestic ballroom and find out what brings Juliette there nightly. Players can complete 34 challenging quests, gather five ravishing collections and win the Gilded Chest, the special Heart's Desire Amulet and gorgeous male and female avatars.


Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows from G5 Entertainment is an Adventure mobile game where players fulfill risky quests, explore dungeons and research amulets to rescue their friend who was dragged into a phantom city by black smoke. To unravel the many mysteries, players will meet monsters, confront a cult and rid the city of a horrible evil.

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