Pre-register for ArcheAge Begins’ Global Launch Now

By hearst Date: Sep 26 2017 Views:

ArcheAge Begins will officially launch on October 25th, and players worldwide can pre-register for it now. Players who pre-register will receive in-game items once the game releases globally. Pre-registration will be available until October 24th.

ArcheAge Begins takes place 2000 years before the PC MMORPG ArcheAge and includes some of the PC version’s most recognizable heroes and game modes. In ArcheAge Begins, players will learn more about the origins of the Ancient Rift and the secrets of the Garden, which is rumored to hold a great but dangerous power.


ArcheAge Begins’ primary gameplay mode will give players the chance to exercise strategic expertise. Players will need to form teams of four unique heroes and use the card-flipping battle system to conquer challenges and unravel the story. ArcheAge Begins will also have compelling multiplayer features including in-game commerce and Guild Battles. 

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