Bandai Namco Announced New Mobile Game Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

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Following the announcement of Sword Art Online: Replication ProjectBandai Namco has announced the mobile MMORPG Sword Art Online: Integral Factor at Tokyo Game Show 2017. The game will be launched for iOS and Android platforms, and it follows the free-to-play model with micro-transactions. 

The story of the game is rather straightforward - you, the Protagonist, were a Sword Art Online beta tester. After SAO went live, you found yourself imprisoned in the game. There is also the "Heroine," who was also a beta tester. Her name is Koharu, and the Protagonist met her during the beta test, where they bonded together.



There is currently a pre-registration campaign going on as well. All players who pre-register will be rewarded with a set number of in-game bonuses depending on the total amount of players who pre-register.

  • 50,000 pre-registrations means all players will receive 250 Arcana Gems
  • 100,000 pre-registrations means an extra 500 Arcana Gems on top of the 250, for a total of 750
  • 150,000 - an extra 750, for a total of 1,500 Arcana Gems, plus two communication stamps
  • 200,000 - A total of 2,5000 Arcana Gems, as well as a Skill Record 4-Star Asuna



Now check out some of the screenshot of the game, interested gamers can visit the official website to learn more about Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.








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