New Kritika Update Adds Chaos Stages and Final Wave of Super Awakened Classes

By hearst Date: Sep 21 2017 Views:

Kritika: The White Knights continues receiving content into its third year of service. The latest update from GAMEVIL adds something players will look forward to: new stages. Players with Super Awakened classes can enter Chaos Stages, which offer new levels of challenges and different rewards. The update also includes the remaining Super Awakened classes, and a special Attendance Event celebrating the update.


Chaos Stages are new challenges that Super Awakened characters can undertake once they fulfill the requirements (only available in Hard Mode difficulty). Clearing Chaos Stages gives players a chance of receiving Ethereal quality items and Super Awakening Stone Fragments. With the latest update, players can Super Awaken the following classes: Shadow Mage, Ice Warlock, Eclair and Noblia. Super Awakened classes have an additional skill slot when they use the Super Awaken Buff. 


To celebrate the update, there's a Chaos Stage Event where players can log in everyday for seven days to receive impressive rewards, such as 2000 Karats, 5000 Lapiz, +10 Gems and more.

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