New MMORPG ZUNDA is Announced at Aiming FES 2017

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Aiming announced to launch a new MMORPG title ZUNDA at Aiming FES 2017, the game is under development and scheduled to be released on Android and iOS in 2018. 



In Aiming FES 2017, a promotional video narrated by the actor Kaoru Kobayashi was revealed and shows the stunning in game visual art, some gameplay and characters. The game is a fantasy MMORPG and the official shares two classes that are male/female warrior and wizard. Several NPCs are appearing in this video were also revealed.



The game sets the theme of Lyma & Zunda, Lawus & Zeffeil and the adventure journey they have experienced. ZUNDA supports both horizontal and vertical screen that was known from the given screenshots. So far only very few information has been given, the game will be free to play and offer in app purchase is scheduled to be launched on mobile in 2018. For more information about the game please follow MoboPlay and we will keep you posted and share the latest ZUNDA APK to you while it comes.

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