Bleach:Paradise Lost Allows You to Hunt Hollows By Using GPS

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Bleach:Paradise Lost licensed by hot television animation “Bleach” is set to launch as a free to play RPG game in Japan in 2017 for Android and iOS. The game will have you to track and destroy local Hollows by using your mobile phone’s GPS function. Here is a new trailer to celebrate its 500,000 pre-registrations. 

Bleach:Paradise Lost features 3D turn-based battles with a variety of familiar characters from the series and the iconic moves. The game is developed by Line and allowing players to hunt Hollows in the real world with its own GPS-based technique, which is very similar to Pokemon GO


The game offers a total of 24 main story-based characters and so far only 17 characters have been revealed on the official website. To celebrate the 500,000 early registrations milestone, some valuable in game items like crystals and rings will reward to the players. Follow MoboPlay for more updated information and latest Bleach:Paradise Lost APK while it lives.

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