New Update for Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Sets Sail

By hearst Date: Sep 13 2017 Views:

A new update for mobile strategy simulation game Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is now available.

The new update tunes the pirate upgrade system. Whereas the game previously featured a much simpler system of hiring and firing of tiered pirates, the new update will allow players to reach the status of Tough Pirate. This new tier can be reached by collecting Mermaids’ Tears, which can be obtained from Mermaid Island.


Additionally, the Mermaid Island Event has been modified to better suit the new update. When the Mermaid Island Conquer Skill is activated, an event is triggered near Mermaid Island. Both individual and rally attacks will be made available once the trigger is activated.

Moreover, the new update will allow Meisters to craft high-quality Masterpiece Equipment, which is equivalent to Lv. 30 common equipment buffs. In the previous upgrade system, players were able to level up Meisters at every sixth equipment to attain high levels. Now Masterpiece Equipment can be also crafted when Meisters meet level 13.

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